Benefits of a Doula

What is a doula?

Every doula’s goal is helping to support families in the whirlwind of changes that happen in pregnancy and newborn stage.

As a trained professional, Doula is there to make the whole experience better, no matter if it is a first or a fifth baby. She provides physical and emotional support as well as continuous information whenever needed in order to provide the best and safest experience possible.

Often fathers are the ones who bring the idea of hiring a doula to the table, as they don’t feel fully capable of supporting a laboring mother. Doula is there to support the entire family – step in whenever needed, give space to the parents whenever necessary.

Since healthcare providers and labor nurses are not available to be present through the whole labor, doula is there to make sure the mother is as comfortable as possible but also well informed in the moments of need.


What do birth doulas offer?

Physical Support

Doula’s magic tricks- comfort measures, positioning, hip squeezes and much more!

Emotional Support

Whether completely unmedicated or very complicated, Doula makes sure the mother feels safe and nurtured.

Partner Support

The birth partner’s presence in the birthing space is very important- it is them who know the mother and her preferences. Doula’s support make a whole world of difference in partner’s experience and even bonding with a baby / babies.

Evidence-Based Information and Advocacy

Doulas trained via Madriella are taught to provide evidence-based resources so that everyone can make informed decisions about their births. Often times doulas serve as a translator from the medical personnel to what could be all the possible outcomes, pros and cons. She offers an unbiased, professional information based on  the newest research.



Everyone should have a doula on their team! 

Types of support