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Have you ever wondered how interesting is that Larynx resembles Uterus so much? Look at this:

Don’t they look similar? Larynx (+jaw) and Uterus (+cervix)¬†are connected by our vagus nerve. So whenever we relax our jaw and tongue or take a deep, open, relaxing breath and they sigh it out our pelvic floor relaxes and releases. Why is this such a great thing to know when you are in labor and why does you doula remind you to relax your jaw? You guessed it! She want your pelvic floor relaxed in order to have baby positioned properly and also -of course- to avoid any tears. As a doula and a voice teacher I try to teach my clients how to vocalize or even sign your breath. Deep breaths and long phrases sung in a low voice will balance and soothe your whole nervous system. The rumor is that professional singers have wonderful births because they know how to breathe deeply. And yes, once your discover diaphragmatic breathing the levels of oxygen raise, pelvic floor gets more blood flow and as a result will stretch better. This together with proper positioning is a key to positive birth. The gift keeps on giving. Once your learn how to vocalize you will be not only more open (pun intended! :D) in bedroom but also in expressing yourself around others (discuss your birth plan and make sure your needs are met? yes!).

So be LOUD. Laugh, moan, sing and use your voice to any extend you feel comfortable with.

I’m here with you. EVERY.STEP.OF.THE.WAY

Marta Uras, Your Doula

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