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You are VERY pregnant yet still need to work. What now? I’ve got you!

First of all, let’s take care of the BODY. It is working extra hard supplying nutrients to your baby and growing it day by day. Remember to eat small and frequent nutrient dense meals MINDFULLY- no distractions, no TV. Try to make them as balanced as possible – don’t forget about greens and vegetables. If fresh greens and veggies make your stomach upset, try steaming them (as an example you can add spinach, which is high in iron, and some other spring greens to your salad or smoothie fresh or steam it and put i muffins and eggs etc). You don’t have to obsessively count calories, but know that too few as well as too many aren’t great for neither you nor your baby / babies.

Remember to BREATHE! If you chose me as your doula, you know already that breathing is very important for the way you feel, the way your muscles and whole digestive system works and so much more! Being mindful of HOW to breathe with your diaphragm is very important during labor as well.

Birth ball at your desk? Absolutely! If you can bring birth ball (with a base so you limit risk of fall) and sit on it while you work at your desk – please do. If you can’t, try to request an ergonomic chair. Birth ball automatically puts your pelvis into optimal position, which helps the baby to be head down and engaged properly. If you are not able to use birth ball at your work place, try to remember to lean forward – leaning forward in third trimester is vital for the baby to be positioned well. Trust me, I know how much of a lifesaver recliners are BUT try to balance between right posture whenever you can and leaning back whenever you need to.

Set a timer on your phone to get up and move. This will help you with swelling and feeling of heaviness in your legs but as well it will minimize muscle aches, back ache, stomach issues and all the other “fun” third trimester discomforts.

The way you dress has an impact on your overall wellbeing. For example leggings worn all day might impair circulation in your legs that is already pretty challenged during third trimester. If you can, opt for lose breathable fabrics (especially in hot weather).

If it’s possible, try not to set a defined maternity leave date. Some mothers plan to work until they literally go into labor. It might or might not be possible, depending on how you feel – both mentally and physically. Having a couple of days at home before your bundle of joy arrives might put your mind at ease as you can double check if you are ready (well… can you be ever? 😀 ). Play by ear and listen to your body having open communication with your boss. This can massively reduce your stress and expectations enabling you to go with the flow more easily.

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