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Hi there! Another fun topic to be covered today: bladder in labor.

When it comes to reminding you to go to the “dilation station” (aka toilet) doulas are usually very diligent  🙂 First of all, we want your pelvic floor relaxed, and it is ingrained in us to do so while sitting on the toilet. Second of all we really want your bladder empty when it comes to pushing. Look at the picture below: in this case cervix is still closed and baby’s station is high but during labor everything opens up and baby drops lower – can you see how a full bladder might make things harder to progress?

We want to do everything in our power to have your baby moving down the pelvis nicely, but a full bladder might become distended and cause difficulty to do so. It might even prevent baby from rotating into the optimal position for birth.

So if you hear your doula gently saying “how about we try to go to the bathroom” while you are in active labor resist a temptation to punch her and try to do that 😀

You’ve got this Mama!

I’m here with you. EVERY.STEP.OF.THE.WAY

Marta Uras, Your Doula

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